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  • tray old dutch annette mirror 1919

    dutch mood tray old dutch annette mirror 1919

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    Tray with mirror bottom. 19 x 19 x 2 cm.
    packing: 12

    • SKU: 403441
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    A very flat tray with a mirror as the bottom.For example, if you put vases of flowers on it, you will see them double.Furthermore, it makes the tray less heavy, read more transparent, than a tray with a normal bottom.In addition, a glass bottom is easy to clean.If you do not want to use the tray as a tray, but as a mirror, then that is also considered.There is a hole at the back where you can hang the tray, then mirror.There is another bottom under the tray, which is not visible, but the tray is therefore separate from the surface (+ 3mm higher).


    • SKU 403441
    • Article code 403441
    • EAN 8719214120207
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