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    dutch mood home deco old dutch shutter 200

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    Room divider or folding screen of 2m (!) High.
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    Wooden robust shutter.In the unique 'Old Dutch' finishing by Dutch Mood.Frame stands on its own.This 3 (x3) hatch is the largest in the 'shutter family'.Characteristic of our shutters is that the frame and the actual shutter inside have a different color.This is a really heavy shutter.Thick 3 cm of wood and a height of 2 meters makes this really something that can make a difference in a room.Most shutters are 1.70 /1.8 m high and made of thinner material.A decent shutter that, in addition to atmosphere, can really mean something in a living room.


    • SKU 403927
    • Article code 403927
    • EAN 8719214121518
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