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  • mirror old dutch AMS double 70/118

    dutch mood mirror old dutch AMS double 70/118

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    mirror with wooden frame. 70 x 118 cm
    packing: 2

    • SKU: 200943
    • Article code: 200943
    • EAN: 8719214121778

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    Product description

    Mirror with wooden frame in a simple and elegant design. But if you take a closer look, you can see that the frame has 2 parts. It gives the mirror deepening, what makes the mirror interesting. Not only at the front, but also at the sides. It is not one thick plank, but two thickenings boarded with heavy nails. A nice rough frame in a thight form.


    • SKU 200943
    • Article code 200943
    • EAN 8719214121778
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