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  • home deco old dutch pan hold 52

    dutch mood home deco old dutch pan hold 52

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    Wooden coaster on foot of 52 cm long (wood), total with metal handles 58 cm long.
    packing: 6

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    Wooden coaster for pans and dishes, but also as a decorative item for vases, bowls or pots. Set the tone, create the atmosphere with this wooden coaster in the characteristic industrial-looking 'dutch dark' finishing. Shades of green, such as leaves or fruit, will come out extra nicely. The tray is treated with natural oil, which makes it as good as a food safe. Easy to wash off. If the oil layer has been withdrawn or washed off over time, you can simply rub the tray with a little olive oil.


    • SKU 413985
    • Article code 413985
    • EAN 8719214122317
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