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  • birdhouse old dutch StB triangle

    dutch mood birdhouse old dutch StB triangle

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    birdhouse triangle with dutch flag. 23 cm high.
    packing: 6

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    • EAN: 8719214120900

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    Product description

    Due to the simple shape, is this birdhouse the cheapest out of this serie. Made in the rough old dutch finishing with a waving dutch flag. A real beauty for on your wall, but that is not the only thing. The birdhouse is also very functional. With a hole in the house of 3,2 dia centimeters, the birdhouse is a perfect fit for the tomtit as example! It is possible to open the back of the birdhouse to clean it after the season.


    • SKU 300411
    • Article code 300411
    • EAN 8719214120900
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